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Tangible Asset RegulationAs commercial property owners begin to comply with the new repair and maintenance regulations, there will be significant tax benefits available for them, and significant new business opportunities for your CPA firm.

Let your clients and prospects know that you’re ready to help them defer taxes, improve cash flow, and establish benchmarks for additional deductions in the future. Inside this complimentary CSP360 resource, they’ll get guidance from you on:

  • Whether an expenditure can be deducted or needs to be capitalized
  • Safe harbors for small taxpayers with buildings
  • Dispositions of MACRS property
  • Accounting method changes

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ABOUT US: CSP360 is one of the nation's leading providers of cost segregation and tax minimization services including 263(a) maintenance repairs, fixed asset depreciation review and 179d analysis/45L to cpa, accounting and chartered accounting firms across the United States. Through our CPA Partnership Program we provide services to their qualified clients who have constructed, bought, expanded or remodeled real estate.