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Internal Revenue Service
Internal Revenue Service Home Page

State Departments of Revenue
Alabama Department of Revenue

Alaska Department of Revenue
Arizona Department of Revenue
Arkansas Department of Revenue
California Franchise Tax Board 
Colorado Department of Revenue
Connecticut Department of Revenue
Delaware Division of Revenue
Florida Department of Revenue
Georgia Department of Revenue
Hawaii Department of Taxation 
Idaho State Tax Commission
Illinois Department of Revenue
Indiana Department of Revenue 
Iowa Department of Revenue 
Kansas Department of Revenue 
Kentucky Revenue Cabinet
Louisiana Department of Revenue
Maine Revenue Services
Maryland Comptroller of the Treasury
Massachusetts Department of Revenue
Michigan Department of Treasury 
Minnesota Department of Revenue
Mississippi Department of Revenue
Missouri Department of Revenue
Montana Department of Revenue
Nebraska Department of Revenue 
Nevada Department of Taxation
New Hampshire Department of Revenue Administration
New Jersey Division of Taxation
New Mexico Taxation and Revenue Department
New York State Department of Taxation and Finance 
New York City Department of Finance
North Carolina Department of Revenue 
North Dakota Office of State Tax Commissioner
Ohio Department of Taxation 
Oklahoma Tax Commission 
Oregon Department of Revenue
Pennsylvania Department of Revenue 
Rhode Island Division of Taxation
South Carolina Department of Revenue 
South Dakota Department of Revenue
Tennessee Department of Revenue
Texas Taxes
Utah State Tax Commission 
Vermont Department of Revenue

Virginia Department of Taxation 
Washington Department of Revenue 
West Virginia Department of Tax & Revenue
Wisconsin Department of Revenue 
Wyoming Department of Revenue

Supreme Court Decisions (Cornell)
Circuit Court Decisions (Cornell)
State and Federal Court Locator (Villanova)

U.S. House of Representatives Home Page
U.S. Senate Home Page

U.S. Tax Code On-Line (John Walker)
U.S. Tax Code - All Titles (Cornell)

Thomas Legislative Information From the Library of Congress containing the status of Federal Legislation.

Other Government Sites
Federation of Tax Administrators Home Page
State Tax Rates
Government Printing Office

Social Security Administration
The White House

Per Diem Rates (GSA)
Applicable Federal Rates (Pillsbury et al)
FedWorld Government documents and files (from National Technical Information Service (NTIS), an agency of the U.S. Department of Commerce


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