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We’ll Help Your CPA Firm Grow its Commercial Real Estate Practice with Private Label Tax Strategies, Solutions and Products

Providing cost segregation and other tax strategies based on an engineering foundation—not to mention staying on top of the constantly changing federal, state and local tax credits and incentives—requires a specialized combination of engineering and tax expertise and hundreds of hours of time researching regulations and case law.

But taking on the overhead required to build such a specialized department doesn’t make sense for every CPA firm. That’s why we’re here. Through our CPA Partnership Program, CSP360 provides cost segregation and other private-label tax strategies exclusively through CPA firms. We offer the following services including: Deep Dive™, State & Federal Tax Credit Review, CapX-Capitalization vs Expense Consulting and Fixed Asset Depreciation Review.

360 degree approachc
While other firms offer engineered tax solutions through CPA firms, CSP360 is the only firm that offers a combination of engineered tax solutions with tax credit/incentive discovery programs; private labeling, and comprehensive business development assistance. To learn more about our unique approach click here.

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ABOUT US: CSP360 is one of the nation's leading providers of cost segregation and tax minimization services including 263(a) maintenance repairs, fixed asset depreciation review and 179d analysis/45L to cpa, accounting and chartered accounting firms across the United States. Through our CPA Partnership Program we provide services to their qualified clients who have constructed, bought, expanded or remodeled real estate.